Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What happened to my placenta?

What did they do with you?
Where did you go?
Nobody asked me...
Why was I not told?

Did you get thrown in a furnace with unwanted bits of human beings?
I wanted you...

Makes me grump actually,
where is my placenta?

Nuff said.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Milk Sharing is Making a SPLASH!

Breastmilk provides the optimum nutrition for human infants. End of. 

What happens if you truly cannot breastfeed but still want the best for your baby? Well then you will simply have to get some breastmilk for your baby. BUT HOW?

Get a hold of EatsOnFeets today: This is what they do:

Easy peasy squeezy - go and post your request on EatsOnFeetsUK (or your local chapter which can be found on facebook and on their site EatsOnFeets.org). A lactating mum who is willing to share and local to you will contact you and you can organise to collect her expressed milk or ask her to wet nurse your baby. Visit their website and read their extensive FAQ's. Everything is covered from hand expressing to flash-pasteurization. Brilliant. Simple. Necessary. Safe. Green. Natural. Perfect. Healthy. 

Thinking about Home Birth

In my daily wanderings of the web, I came across a well written, straight forward, no nonsense, quick loading home birth site. <- www.thegoodbirth.co.uk

I particularly like the answer provided to the following question.

Many women assume they will be having their baby in hospital because that is what their friends or relatives did. or it is what they have seen in television programmes or read about in magazines. Home birth has very many advantages which deserve careful consideration when you are choosing your place of birth. These include:
  • A less painful labour
  • Knowing the midwives who will be at your birth
  • One to one midwifery care
  • More privacy and control in labour and afterwards
  • Greatly reduced need for medical intervention
  • Healthier mum and baby
  • Baby is more likely to breastfeed
  • Lower rates of postnatal infections for mum and baby
  • Dad is never sent away or reduced to visitor status: you can start family life from day one.
  • If you have other children they can be as involved as you want them to be

Sounds lovely doesn't it? Wait let's look at some of the answers again...
- A less painful labour. Yes labour can have a measure of pain involved, but if you can minimise the intensity of pain without the use of drugs, why would you not? Have you ever felt a bit poorly and just wanted to be at home, because you know you will feel better at home, you can rest at home... EXACTLY!

- Knowing the midwives who will be at your birth. I cannot stress the importance of having a connection with the members of your birthing team. How do you feel when walking into a room full of strangers? A bit self-conscious, a bit shy, a bit awkward? All natural responses but in your labour, you cannot afford to be bogged down by all that self-consciousness malarkey. When you know the people who will be at your birth, when you have spoken to them prior to your labour and honestly spoken about your birth expectations, you can just BE yourself and concentrate on the important work of birthing your baby.

- One to One midwifery care. I had 3 midwives at my home birth in 2009, one shift change, but the two middies who were there when dd was born were there for my active labour, birth and 2 hours post birth. I was really comfortable with them in my space.

- More privacy and control in labour and afterwards. Let me start by saying throw the idea of controlling your body during labour out of the window (you do not need to control your body, it knows what its doing, it knows how to birth your baby) so spend your energy on things you can control. Like your birthing environment. In your home YOU have total control of your birthing environment. You can light candles or not, listen to music or not, sleep in YOUR BED or not, eat your choice of food or not. It may seem inconsequential but its all in the details. This is opposite to a hospital where I personally don't feel I have control of anything but my body... but during birth my body does not need to be controlled.

- Greatly reduced need for medical intervention. Be wary of the slippery slope of intervention, once an intervention is introduced, others can and usually do quickly follow. Why is this? Well during an intervention and drug free labour a women's body will release oxytocin, oxytocin is the bodies natural pain remedy and it is strong. Very strong, quite lovely actually :) . I think its all about 'out of sight, out of mind', eg: when there is no pitocin or IV equipment available, you will not have your labour automatically induced and or speeded up (augmented) which means your body will be able to naturally handle your intensifying contractions by releasing oxytocin, which means no need for man made pain killers, which means you can move your body however you like (no big needles, no IV lines, no nausea, no feeling of being out of body etc etc etc), which means birthing in a position perfect for you, which means no need for an assisted birth (ventouse, forceps) which all equates to a natural birthing experience.

Home Birth is safe. Home Birth is calm. Home Birth is kind.