Saturday, 10 September 2011

Exclusive Breastfeeding in the Workplace - Philippines

We now live in the Philippines, have been for the past 5 months. It is a wonderful country filled with happy and friendly people. Also filled with poverty, heartbreaking gut wrenching poverty, which is in your face on a daily basis.

Women have babies, women need to work (its literally a life or death scenario), ALL babies deserve to be breastfed. When I first arrived I was shocked at the amount of formula available... aisles dedicated to the stuff. Plus the expense... over PHP1000 per can. Some woman who work as nannies only earn between PHP2000 and PHP3000 per month!!! (That is why formula gets watered down). Plus they leave their babes at home to go work in the cities. What ever happened to basic human rights for infants? They have the right to their mothers milk, especially vulnerable at risk infants (those living in poor families).

My husband's current employer has a new building going up, he tells me that they have really lovely lactation rooms in them for their employees. This kind of news makes my heart sing.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

One World Birth is now live

Have a wonder over to to watch lots of free video's from the world's most well known names in the Birthing World as they discuss, the problems, the research, the solutions to Birth in our society.

A good place to start is with "A Negative Image" on the Problems page. Discussing how media has influenced our societies view of childbirth.

Using Twitter to Find Answers and help others _AtYourCervix_

I am looking for all birth professionals i.e.: Midwives and Doulas as well as Breastfeeding professionals i.e.: lactation consultants, breastfeeding peer supports, extended breastfeeders to join "The Birth Team" on Twitter.
Basically people will tweet their pregnancy, birth, labour and infant feeding related question to the Birth Team ( _AtYourCervix_ ) twitter account using the hashtag #AYC and their question will be retweeted out to the Birth Team for answers.
Simple, Easy, Helpful.
Please join us.
_AtYourCervix_ <- Twitter account for the Birth Team.