Thursday, 26 May 2011

Breastfeeding Links in the Philippines

I <3 Google, I really do. I wonder to whom all our questions were posed before the Great Google was invented.

Anyway, I am searching for some breastfeeding support/groups/entities websites specifically for the Philippines.

This is what I have come across this far.

¬ Breastfeeding Philippines - "We dream that all mothers will breastfeed their children..."
¬ The Perfect Latch - Peer to Peer support, face to face, at home or in hospital, email, text, phone support.
¬ LLL meetings in the Philippines - LLL meetings in Manila & Cavite.... 

I want to do more research but I am really looking forward to being able to help other families have beautiful breastfeeding experiences. 

I haven't however come across any websites or information on breastfeeding support groups and organisations in Cebu yet. If you happen to come across this blog post and know of one please leave me a comment with the details. Thanks.

I have lived here, here, here and now here.

Since my last blog post we have moved to our fourth country in 2 years. Have baby, will travel :)

We now live and are in the process of settling and adapting to life in sunny Cebu in the Philippines. We have been here for a little under 2 months now.

As is said "at the end of your life you will only hold regret for the opportunities you did not take, the paths you did not follow and the decisions you did not make". We have chosen the road less followed and are loving it. There is so much more to this life than your village, town, city, province, country and even continent. You can read it, but you don't understand until you experience it.

I am looking into picking up my breastfeeding support work in Cebu. Wish me luck.