Friday, 25 November 2011

12 weeks tomorrow and starting to feel it.

I am one of those women who start showing from the moment they fall pregnant, okay maybe not the moment, but by 6 weeks I have a discernible baby bump. So by 12 weeks, there is no question about it, there is a baby on board. I like this for the most part, I like wearing maternity clothes (any excuse to wear super comfortable clothing is a plus in my books), I like having the physical reminder at arms length for feeling under the weather. It also means that the stretching and pulling and growing and aching starts early for me... like today early. Fun :) Lucky for me I have already made a rice sock which comes in handy. (Take a long sock, like a hockey or rugby sock, fill with rice, heat up in the microwave as needed **not too hot, direct heat is not good for your baby**).

Whoa today I have had my first experience of "ptyalism", commonly known as too much saliva in the mouth. For a while today I felt like I was sucking lemons, you know that scrunch-up-your-face-mouth-filling-with-spit feeling, yes that. Not fun. No thanks. I find that drinking lots of water helps (seems counter-intuitive I know).

I am glad to be moving out of first trimester soon, and into second, second is fun.

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