Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Helpful and positive labour and birth preparation

Looking for some breathing exercises this morning, I came across this gem. I have done the exercises along with the video and my baby is now awake and moving. A bit of oxygen to your body does wonders.

I have already been able to practice some labour breathing as I experience braxton-hicks on a regular basis especially at night time. Deep regular breathing has become second nature which I am glad about. Having had the opportunity to watch a number of labouring mother's move through strong active labour into transition and finally pushing their babies out, the women who concentrate on their breath, who take deep slow breaths remain calmer. It's a helpful coping strategy. Give it a go. Try if possible to get your labour partner to practice these breathing techniques too, as they will be able to redirect your breath if needed.

This is my second pregnancy and I found this birth affirmation video during my first, I watched it often and find it really relaxing and empowering. I share it now with you.

Stay well.

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